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SCIF Accreditation Guaranteed

Accreditation Specialists

A SCIF is not a SCIF, and cannot be used as a SCIF, until it has been accredited. Accreditation certifies that the SCIF has been designed, constructed, and inspected for the protection of all Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) programs or special activities in accordance with the provisions of ICD 705. Armag guarantees accreditation on every SCIF we make. Our guarantee is made possible through our exclusive partnership with SPG Incorporated, who are unparalleled in the accreditation process. Their credentials include:

  • Serving as one of the leading co-authors of ICD 705 for more than six years, while sitting on the Director of National Intelligence (now ODNI/SSD/CSE) Special Security Center’s Physical and Technical Security Expert Working Group (ONCIX/SSC/PTSEWG).
  • Experience serving as a senior SCIF accreditor in the Intelligence Community, accrediting hundreds of SCIF’s and SAPFs of every size and level of complexity worldwide.
  • Being subject matter experts on the construction of SCIF’s for accreditation under ICD 705 and will be available to help answer your questions and concerns, to include CSP, FFC and TEMPEST checklist submittal documents.
  • Co-authorship in the content, design, and implementation of the original official ICD 705 training course, and then serving as senior instructor for more than two years. This includes “DCID 6/9 to ICD 705” transition training for actual IC accreditors.
  • Have trained hundreds of government and industry students on ICD 705.

Armag’s and SPG’s combined group of specialists ensure that Armag SCIFs are fully compliant with all applicable policies such as ICD 705, UL-2050, Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC), Executive Orders and “grandfathered” policies, such as the fully rescinded DCID 6/9.

Assistance with Accreditation Package Submissions

The purchase of your Armag SCIF includes assistance with accreditation package submissions. At a minimum, Armag will provide support for the Fixed Facility Checklist (FFC), Construction Security Plan (CSP), and TEMPEST Checklist. Armag works with you to ensure your site is prepared to properly accommodate the A.R.C. Vault SCIF and ensure seamless accreditation. Please consider that Security-In-Depth (SID) is a vital and necessary component to SCIF accreditation. Armag is prepared to assist with any SID questions you may have. 

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