Armag Multiplex SCIF

Multiplex A.R.C. Vault SCIF

Multi-unit Modular SCIF

The Multiplex A.R.C. Vault is a modular SCIF that provides up to 5,000 sq. ft. of space which meets ICD 705 specifications. Armag’s patented RF seams join multiple units together to form a single SCIF building. The patented seam design enables the Multiplex A.R.C. Vault to provide RF shielding up to and exceeding 100dB attenuation. It is fully compliant with NSA 73-2A and scalable to NSA 94-106 requirements. Multiplex A.R.C. Vaults are Certified Shielded Enclosures (CSE) which meet rigorous TEMEPST standards and can also be configured as a Special Access Program Facility (SAPF).

If a Multiplex A.R.C. Vault needs to be relocated, it can be dismantled and re-deployed without losing its RF shielding integrity. Accelerated life cycle testing has demonstrated the ability of the patented seams to last over 20 years in corrosive environments. The seams are also fully inspectable, so there’s no guessing as to their condition and ability to provide protection.

Interior of a Multiplex A.R.C. Vault SCIF
Multiplex SCIF unit being placed by a crane
A.R.C. Vault SCIF single unit and multiplex

Larger Size Without Compromise

The Multiplex A.R.C. Vault SCIF has all the same features and capabilities as our top of the line, single unit A.R.C. Vault SCIF. For complete details on these capabilities and features, see the single unit A.R.C. Vault page.

Multiplex SCIF with green check mark

Armag provides on-site subject matter expertise (SME) support at all stages of your project, ensuring rigorous compliance with US Government (USG) requirements concerning ICD 705 and related standards. We offer unparalleled accreditation assistance which enables us to confidently guarantee accreditation for your Multiplex A.R.C. Vault SCIF.

Armag’s controlled manufacturing process and in-depth expertise give the Multiplex A.R.C. Vault SCIF advantages over competing modular SCIFs and SCIF retrofits of shipping containers, trailers, and rooms in existing buildings.

Multiplex SCIF being assembled

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