Armag modular SCIF being delivered

Armag SCIF Advantages

Armag's modular SCIFs provide many advantages over brick-and-mortar construction, built-in SCIF rooms, and competing modular SCIFs:

An engineer testing RF shielding

Armag’s Expertise

Since 1969 Armag has manufactured thousands of modular vaults for government agencies and military clients. Our subject matter specialists collaborate with you to ensure your SCIF will perform to all required specifications and meet the required objectives. Our expertise and secure production process allows us to confidently guarantee accreditation of every SCIF we build.

Armag armories behind a fence

Secure Production Facility

From concept to completion, every step of SCIF production is accomplished within Armag’s tightly controlled U.S. production facility. This not only ensures that your SCIF will be fully secure from day one, but also allows our subject matter experts to oversee every SCIF we build.

SCIF interior furnished

Custom Built for Your Application

Armag’s modular SCIFs are custom designed to meet the unique objectives of each client. Our A.R.C. Vault SCIFs offer the most versatility with sizes ranging from 80 to 5,000 sq. ft. and even the height can be customized. Interiors can be configured with walls to create multiple rooms, server areas, workstations, conference areas, and more. The A.R.C. Vault SCIF can be engineered to meet any level of RF shielding desired, including extended range performance.

Multiplex SCIF being assembled

Rapid Installation

Armag modular SCIFs can be installed within hours of delivery. All electrical and data ports are delivered pre-wired, ready to use. When the SCIF arrives at its destination, just hook up power and communications to the pre-configured “plug and play” junction boxes. Armag also offers delivery and on-site installation assistance to help ensure a successful deployment.

SCIFs in a row

No Construction Headaches

Compared to standard building construction, Armag’s modular SCIF construction process is more secure, finished in less time at a fixed cost, and has none of overruns or delays associated with traditional construction.

Armag unit in the snow.


Heavy duty steel construction and high-quality coatings allow Armag modular SCIFs to withstand extreme weather conditions and last for decades with little to no maintenance. Actual uses have ranged from snow covered mountains in the U.S.A. to the Afghanistan desert where temperatures reach 120 degrees.

SCIFs being inspected

Cost Effective

The ability to be relocated and re-used in addition to robust durability providing decades of use makes Armag modular SCIFs a cost-effective solution. Armag SCIFs are produced at a fixed cost, and oversight by our SCIF specialists provides cost efficiencies throughout design, construction, accreditation, and installation.

ARC LT SCIF being loaded for transportation


Armag Modular SCIFs can be relocated for multiple missions. Their heavy-duty steel construction allows them to maintain structural integrity during transportation and relocation, making them reliable and quick to install for each new use. Our ARC LT SCIF offers the most portability, allowing deployment using organic loading and handling assets. 

Welder constructing a SCIF

Armored Construction

Armag’s A.R.C. Vault SCIF provides additional forced entry and ballistics protection which has been certified to meet DoD requirements.

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