Modular SCIF under a covering

A.R.C. Vault SCIF

ICD 705 and Beyond

The A.R.C. Vault (Armored Rapid-deployment Compartmented Vault) is a single-unit modular SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) engineered to ICD 705 specifications. Its RF shielding meets NSA 73-2A and is scalable to NSA 94-106 requirements. It can also be configured to meet custom Special Access Program Facility (SAPF) specifications.

A.R.C. Vault SCIFs are not retrofits of existing containers. They are custom manufactured from the ground up using Armag’s exclusive vault-like construction which includes continuously welded 1/4” steel to provide enhanced ballistic and forced entry protection. A.R.C. Vault SCIFs are custom engineered, designed and manufactured from the ground up entirely in our controlled 40-acre facility. Every material and component that goes into the build is thoroughly inspected before its inclusion to ensure maximum security, quality, and durability.

Armag modular SCIF
Welder manufacturing an Armag modular SCIF
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A.R.C. Vault Security Features Include:

  • ¼” continuously welded steel exterior.
  • Wall construction meets or exceeds STC 50/Sound Group 4 acoustic attenuation requirements.
  • Scalable RF shielding to meet TEMPEST requirements. Armag can engineer your SCIF to custom levels of RF shielding.
  • X-10 combination lock and additional hardware meeting GSA FFL-2740A and FFL-2890B.
  • Optional intrusion detection system fully compliant with UL-2050 and Extent 3 requirements.

RF Shielding / TEMPEST

A.R.C. Vault SCIFs are RF shielded to meet NSA 73-2A, providing 50dB RF shielding and scalable to NSA 94-106, providing 100 dB RF shielding. Additional shielding can be engineered to meet any level of performance desired, including extended range performance.

Shielding performance is tested by Armag at our facility, prior to delivery. We provide a full test report inclusive of all frequencies and dB attenuation, ensuring that the construction meets the specific frequency and attenuation ranges specified for your project. To provide the highest level of protection, A.R.C. Vault SCIFs utilize multi-layered protection measures which include:

  • Specialty RF filters
  • Wave-guides
  • Proprietary bonding and gasketing techniques
  • RF shielded door assemblies
  • Continuously welded steel plate on all 6 sides
  • Protected point of entry penetrations (IT, electrical, communications)
RF shielding testing equipment
Close up of an RF shielding effectiveness graph

Custom Built for Your Application

The single unit A.R.C. Vault is built to custom sizes from 80 sq. ft. up to 700 sq. ft. of customizable interior space, with custom heights also available. For larger facilities, the Multiplex A.R.C. Vault SCIF offers customizable interior spaces up to 5,000 sq. ft.

Interiors are custom configured to meet your application’s requirements and can include:

  • Offices
  • Server areas
  • Workstations
  • Conference areas
  • Utility rooms

and more.

Interior of an A.R.C. Vault SCIF
SCIF loading on cargo plane
Armag A.R.C. Vault SCIF with a green check mark

Armag provides on-site subject matter expertise (SME) support at all stages of your project, ensuring rigorous compliance with US Government (USG) requirements concerning ICD 705 and related standards. We offer unparalleled accreditation assistance which enables us to confidently guarantee accreditation for your A.R.C. Vault SCIF.

Armag’s controlled manufacturing process and in-depth expertise give the A.R.C. Vault SCIF advantages over competing modular SCIFs and SCIF retrofits of shipping containers, trailers, and rooms in existing buildings.

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