ARC LT SCIF Exterior


Secure, Portable T-SCIF

The ARC LT is a portable T-SCIF (Temporary or Tactical Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) manufactured from an ISO shipping container, making it ideal for those who need rapid mobility or expeditionary capabilities. Its container-style construction allows end users to deploy the SCIF using organic loading and handling assets, reducing load-out time and costs.

The ARC LT is built with the same reliable craftsmanship, and experienced engineering Armag is known for. Design, manufacturing, and integration is completed at our sole location, allowing us to control quality and security throughout the entire process.

RF Shielding / TEMPEST

The ARC LT is engineered to meet NSA 73-2A, providing 50 dB RF shielding and can be engineered to greater levels of RF shielding as required. Armag tests each unit’s shielding effectiveness in accordance with IEEE-299 best practices. A full summary of attenuation and test frequencies is available upon request.

ARC LT SCIF inside a building
Interior of an ARC LT SCIF
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Rapid Installation

The ARC LT is delivered with all power and communications ports pre-wired to accommodate rapid installation. Simply hook up any required external lines to the ARC LT’s junction boxes and the SCIF is ready to use.

Custom Configured for Your Application

Each ARC LT is custom configured to meet its specific requirements. It is available in two sizes: 20ft x 8ft x 8ft and 40ft x 8ft x 8ft. Interior configurations can include interior walls to create multiple rooms, server areas, workstations, utility rooms and more.

Diagram of an ARC LT SCIF
  1. CCTV Camera
  2. Network Vertical Wall Mount Cabinets
  3. 100A Load Center
  4. Power Line Filter
  5. Network Entrance Panel
  1. Power Entrance Box
  2. Wall Mounted HVAC
  3. Acoustic “Z” Ductwork
  4. 18″ x 48″ Fold Down Worktables
  5. Acoustic Door LMK10K-X10 with Key Override, Closer
ARC LT SCIF with a check mark

Armag ensures rigorous compliance with US Government (USG) requirements concerning ICD 705 and related standards. Our subject matter expertise (SME) combined with our customer accreditation assistance enables us to confidently guarantee accreditation for your ARC LT as a T-SCIF.

Armag’s controlled manufacturing process and in-depth expertise give the ARC LT SCIF advantages over competing T-SCIFs and rooms in existing buildings.

Engineers looking at SCIF CAD

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