Day Boxes & IME/DOT Boxes


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Day Boxes

The Armag Type 3 Aluminum Day Box meets all ATF specs for fire, weather and theft resistance (Construction variances are required for some models and are available from Armag). The aluminum exterior makes it nearly one-third the weight of a steel day box, and the non-sparking interior and large-grip welded handles help ensure a safe trip between the magazine and the job site.

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Type 3 IME/DOT Boxes

Armag IME/DOT boxes meet all DOT, IME and ATF specs. A laminate of steel and sheet rock makes these Type 3 boxes more fire resistant than Type 3 day boxes. The specially designed safety hasp allows blast pressure to escape in the event of an internal detonation while keeping the lid connected to the box.

Available SizesPrice
14"L x 12"W x 8"H
(10L" x 8W" x 6H" internal dimension)
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24"L x 18"W x 18"H
(21L" x 15W" x 15H" internal dimension)


Combo Truck Boxes

Transporting explosives and detonators is made easy with the Armag combination truck box. This two compartment box is DOT approved for hauling detonators and explosives on the same vehicle on public highways. The combo truck box comes in two sizes, is designed to fit in a full-sized pickup bed or in the smaller S-10 pickup, and is equipped with bed mounting brackets.

Available SizesPrice
42" x 24" x 24"
Type 3 compartment I.D.: 24½" x 22¼" x 23"
IME compartment I.D.: 10" x 21¼" x 22½"
60" x 24" x 24"
Type 3 compartment I.D.: 36½" x 22¼" x 23"
IME compartment I.D.: 16" x 21¼" x 22½"


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Type 3 Aluminum Day Boxes for safely transporting explosives

Aluminum Day Boxes
with non-sparking interior

IME approved box for safely transporting explosives

IME Box with steel exterior
24" x 18" x 18"

Box for safely transporting explosives and detonators in the bed of a truck

Combo Truck Boxes safely transport explosives and detonators in a single unit