Modular K9 Kennel


Armag’s modular K9 Kennels are ideal for military and homeland security K9 units. Cost-effective and quick to deploy, the K9 Kennel can be broken down or reassembled by two K9 handlers in just 45 minutes.


  • Removable fiberglass panels (optional)
  • Aluminum floor lined with Line-X anti-slip coating
  • Heat and cool air source
  • 180 degree swing door to secure dog in kennel while cleaning


  • Quick Turnaround: Delivered on time and can be assembled immediately
  • Cost-Effective Solution: One time purchase that is low maintenance to fit your budget
  • Portable: Easy to move & can be relocated and reassembled in as little as 45 minutes.
  • Secure: Provides an air conditioned, secure environment that enhances K9 rest and recovery.

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Armag K9 Kennel

9' x 9' x 6' kennel
can be reassembled
in just 45 minutes

K9 Kennel fiberglass panels removed

10' x 8' x 7' Kennel
with fiberglass panels removed

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